Would You Sleep in an Outdoor Dog Kennels?

Sounds crazy right? Why would you sleep in an outdoor dog kennels that is made for dogs, certainly kennels I’ve seen up to now haven’t been particularly inviting. Whether it’s a wooden kennel or a plastic kennel you just wouldn’t want to do it.

The majority of kennels offer little or nothing in the way of insulation or warmth and you would get very cold if the temperature dropped outside perhaps resulting in you getting no sleep.

We have over the last 12 months supplied the Street Paws charity with a number of kennels at different locations for homeless people with dogs. These kennels are life savers as the  kennels allows the homeless people access to the vital facilities they need at these centres.

However, these homeless people just won’t leave their dogs and often sleep within the kennel with their dog. Compared to coping on the streets they are warm and safe and it makes such a big difference to their lives.

Our kennels are extremely well insulated and this means that they retain heat very well. We generally fit radiant panel heaters inside which run off a thermostat. This means you can easily dial in the temperature you want and these will just then be maintained at the set level.

A combination of an efficient heat source as low as 3p per hour to operate, combined with exceptional thermal qualities means that it is so cheap to run these insulated kennels.

All dogs emit moisture as too do humans when they breathe and the kennel needs to be ventilated to ensure this moisture doesn’t build up. So it’s a fine balance between heating the kennel and circulating the air and ventilating this moisture.

The floors in our kennels are raised off the floor which helps to keep the dogs off the floor and away from any damp that can permeate up through the ground , this keeps the kennels warmer too.

This means that our outdoor kennels are the perfect solution and possibly the only kennel currently available that has the thermal qualities for you to successfully sleep in.

These thermal qualities of our kennels also have a benefit during the summer-time too as the reverse happens. When temperatures soar the heat just can’t get into the kennel so it keeps the occupants inside nice and cool so you’re not exposing your dog to extreme temperatures.

We manufacture a wide range of outdoor dog kennels and some come with a wood-grain exterior so they make great garden kennels as they blend into a garden setting well. Our range has many different outdoor dog kennel with pent sloping roofs or apex roofs so there is lots of choices for customers.

If you would like details on these insulated dog kennels then please get in touch by email or calling us on 01785 559555.

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