Strong Dog Kennels That Last

If you’re looking for really strong dog kennels then there are lots of kennel manufacturers to choose from out there. However how many can actually really back up this claim?

A true commercial dog kennel will be designed to last and perform for many years to come, afterall when you have invested your hard earned cash then you want it to last for many years right?

So many companies say they have the best insulated, the most thermal, eco friendly blah blah blah, but ask yourself this one very important question, ‘How long will my insulated kennel really last?

In truth in our opinion so many kennel manufacturers choose their materials based on price alone which is quite shocking really as deep down they know that it isn’t going to last.

Of course, if you’re buying a kennel on price alone, then fine as you will perhaps accept a shorter shelf life. At Easy Animal we have a different philosophy. We want our customers to be delighted with their new kennel for many years to come, we want it to provide a great environment for their dogs in the long term.

Look closely at the image in the photo, this was built by a thermal kennel company and it was supposed to be a strong dog kennels solution, in reality one of these blew down completely in high winds in Cumbria this year 9 of the 10 kennels were flattened completely.

Recently we were chosen by the RAF to build a kennel on a very remote and exposed location in the north Yorkshire moors. You don’t get more vulnerable locations in the UK than this and ours was the only kennel manufacturer that they considered able to withstand these extreme wind speeds.

We are very proud of this fact and we are continually trying to improve on our range of strong dog kennels. Our kennel system is fully structural and has been tested by structural engineers so we know that these have passed the weight bearing tests.

Whatever your budget for a kennel, true value is not what you pay for the kennel initially its about longevity, lifespan and how successful is the kennel at creating a good environment for the dogs to live in. Lots of factors come into play of course, like thermal properties, noise control, running costs in the long term etc.

If you are in the market for new kennels then take a look at our range of commercial dog kennels or drop us an email to, or alternatively give our friendly team a call on 01785 559555.

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