The Best Kennel Manufacturers UK?

So what makes the best kennel manufactures uk? We are probably a lot more experienced than most of the companies that make dog kennels, as we have been involved in the commercial kennel marketplace for over 12 years. This valuable knowledge and experience stands us in good stead and perhaps gives us an edge.

This marketplace is a harsh one where a kennel receives a lot more use than a kennel for your garden. In this environment you never know what type of dog or breed you will have as an occupant. The dogs might chew and dig, they might be jumping up and scratching endlessly at the walls.

The doors on these kennel systems will be opened and closed many more times each day and the locks turned and secured many more times daily. This is real wear and tear that many kennel companies don’t take into account.

Any boarding kennel will have a strict routine of daily cleaning to keep it hygienic and often with the harsh chemicals used this can take its toll. In our opinion many of the companies that make kennels their product just wouldn’t last.

When we took the decision to make insulated kennels for dogs, we wanted peace of mind that what we were making not only looks good once manufactured but we want this to last for many years.

Our objective has always been to produce a kennel that performs in the long term whatever is thrown at it. We want to exceed our customers expectations and make sure that they are 100% happy with their purchase.

Our kennels had to look great, be able to withstand rigorous cleaning, be very well soundproofed and importantly with great thermal properties to retain heat. We wanted to be sure that they were the most secure kennels out there so we fitted the best high security locks we could find and fitted anti tamper hinges in stainless steel, so you know that your dogs are safe.

Of course all this comes at a price and we are always conscious of how much everything costs. However if our kennels are slightly more and they just last so much longer and perform better then this is a small price to pay in our opinion.

If you look at our kennels lasting 3 or 4 times as long as our nearest competitor, then in the long term our kennels are more cost effective to buy. We have had many customers who purchased a wooden kennel or a GRP kennel and quickly become disillusioned with its ongoing issues and decided to upgrade to one of our kennels.

Whilst this is great to hear, the customer has had to buy twice and spent a lot more than if they had come straight to us. All this quality and benefits that we build into our kennels comes at a price, but we think it’s the only way to go. The challenge has always been to become the best kennel manufacturers UK, we hope we  continue and develop our ideas and will be considered to be building kennels on the next level.

For information on  our range please take a look at our insulated dog kennels

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