The Kennel Club Warns Dog Owners About Heatwave

The Kennel Club have made an appeal for all dog owners to take care, with the forecast of some quite hot weather in the UK in the next few days. This coincides with the annual push for awareness of the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars during these times.

Sadly, too many dog owners either don’t think or get distracted and often leave their dogs in cars and leave the vehicle with the dogs baking inside. Unfortunately, every year dogs die because of this and the awareness campaign sets out to highlight the dangers. The Dogs Die in Hot Cars is an annual appeal by The Kennel Club which is an important message to dog owners that needs to be reinforced each year.

Temperatures in cars can rise rapidly when sun comes out and a dog without fresh air and water will quickly overheat, if you see a dog in a hot car you need to act quickly and try to alert the owner or you may even need to take the cars registration number and phone the Police. Whilst you may feel like breaking the window we don’t advise to break the window as you might then face criminal charges.

As the Coronavirus lockdown is relaxed, more people are getting out and visiting the countryside,beaches and certain businesses.  This travel in vehicles raises the possibility that are dog will be left in a dangerous situation so everyone needs to be vigilant.

The New Government guidelines allows people in England to travel by car for dog walks and visit some certain businesses like garden centres. This could see more dogs left in cars and vehicles, which can prove to be fatal. It is worth checking beforehand by phone if you want to visit a business to see what their new rules are and whether they will accept dogs on a lead.

The Kennel Club warns. The organisation, which is the largest in the UK dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs, is urging all owners not to leave their dog in a car, even with the windows down.

“Regardless of the easing of lockdown, we would urge owners to only travel if they can ensure that their dog can be kept cool, and to check any destination they are travelling to is dog-friendly so they are never left in a vehicle,” said Bill Lambert, Head of Health and Welfare at the Kennel Club.

This hot weather also can affect dog kennels in a similar way. As the temperatures rises so too can a dog in a kennel. Some dogs have died in kennels too even in so called insulated kennels. Not all insulated dog kennels offer the same thermal qualities so its important to understand the differences between the materials being used.

We will gladly help any customers who are concerned about their kennel and how safe it is to leave a dog inside. Its good practise to make sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times and to try to always ventilate your kennel to let in fresh air.

If you read this article we would be grateful if you can like it and pass it on, as its such a worthwhile message to get across.

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