The Most Innovative Dog Kennels?

We have been shortlisted for an award with our most innovative dog kennels. The Rural Business Awards have contacted to let us know that we are a finalist in their 2020 awards in the Best Rural Innovation category. The aim of the awards has not changed over the years and we aim to give recognition to businesses operating right across the Rural sector.

Its fantastic that our kennels are getting recognised up and down the country for their outstanding qualities. In what has been a difficult year for all of us, we are very proud of the whole team at Easy Animal who have carried on working safely , right through this pandemic.

Our kennel building team have travelled all over the country getting great reviews for their hard work and professionalism. These innovative dog kennels really do set a new standard in kennelling and they are truly unique.

These kennels look great in any setting but particularly a rural one as they blend in so well into the landscape. However its not just their looks that makes them stand out, its the benefits of the materials used and the way they are crafted that means they are stronger, more durable, warmer, quieter and more cost effective to run.

The final judging for the Rural Business Awards is next week so keep everything crossed for us!

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