Trend for Large Insulated Dog Kennels

Size matters right? I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but we are increasingly being asked for large insulated dog kennels.

Many customers seem to want kennels with sleeping areas that are so much larger than they used to be. The days of cramming a dog into a small kennel seem to be disappearing as dog owners seem to want space for their four-legged friend.

Dogs are denning animals and actually prefer smaller dark spaces where they feel safe and secure, so this new trend seems to defy this principle.

When the new animal welfare guidelines came out this set a precedent which stated that a dog should be able to stand without its nose or tail touching the side walls. There was also guidelines to recommend the sizes of the sleeping areas depending on the weight of the dog.

These new commercial guidelines stated that doors should open inwards as this is considered a safer way to work. This way you are pushing the dog back into the kennel as you open the door, which prevents the dog escaping.

This is great in principle but it does take a section of the sleeping area away as the door needs to swing into the kennel which reduces the free space.

More dog owners tend to use raised dog beds in their kennels so its important that the bed isn’t fouled by the door. If a customer has a large or extra-large bed in their kennel then maybe they would need a minimum size sleeping area of 1.5m x 2m footprint.

If your kennel has a sliding hatch for dog access into your dog run then this free space also needs to be considered when deciding what size sleeping area you should go for.

Recently we have even been asked to build kennels that are 2m x 3m for large breed dogs which are huge spaces for a kennel. These larger spaces make it very difficult for some kennel manufacturers to cope as they will struggle using the materials they use.

A large insulated kennel needs to be able to support the roof and therefore the structure needs to self support and many kennel companies rely on joining panels together to achieve these sizes which can be problematic as they weaken the structure.

It’s essential that any kennel is safe and sound structurally which is why we had ours tested by structural engineers. They need to calculate if it will support weight on the kennel roof and the effect of high wind speeds hitting the walls of the kennel.

large insulated kennels

At Easy Animal we are fortunate that our kennel system is fully structural and is significantly stronger. Our kennel system is designed to cope with large spans and areas and yet retain the structural integrity of the building.

Whilst the trend for larger kennels gathers pace there are a few points worth raising. Firstly, the larger the kennel the larger the space to heat so a larger kennel will cost more to heat. As the surface area increases you might need a higher output heater to warm the space so this is something to consider.

Secondly the larger the kennel the larger the space your dog will enjoy but it also means that the area is more time consuming to clean. Maybe if you only have one kennel this impact will be minimal but in a larger commercial kennel this is going to take a lot more time.

Should anyone need any advice on what size sleeping area they need for their large insulated kennels whether for home use or a commercial one then please get in touch on . Alternatively you can call us on 07717811177 for free advice. See our full range of insulated dog kennels

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