Vets Advise to Keep Your Cats Indoors

Veterinary specialists are now advising people to keep cats indoors for fears that the coronavirus can spread on their fur. This will be a real challenge for pet owners as many cats just love to be outdoors.

Particularly if a household has someone showing symptoms then this perhaps would be wise in the current situation but this advice may change as we learn more about this possibility. Apparently the virus can stay on cats fur which then can spread to other people and households when they are outdoors.

Already a local charity in Stoke-on-Trent  Iris’s Cats In Need charity, has reported an increase of calls asking if they would take there cats which potentially could lead to a situation where people abandon their cats as they over react to this news.

Keeping a cat indoors can be a real challenge for any family as very few are content to stay indoors for long periods and especially as the weather warms up they normally want to be outside and enjoying the outdoors.

We must stress that the World Health Organisation has categorically said that there is no evidence to date to suggest that cats can be infected by Covid-19.

Our hope is that this latest news doesn’t impact too severely on the cat population, and  please don’t start abandoning your cats, lets also hope that the lockdown restrictions are lifted as soon as possible.

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