We Build Insulated Boarding Kennels

For over 10 years we have been in the field of selling Insulated Boarding Kennels. Now with our own warehouse in rural Staffordshire we are able to build a new kennel system that is a great solution for kennel owners.

We are innovators in kennel design and with our own trained staff installing these kennel owners have the confidence that they will get a truly bespoke build that should last for many years to come. Our kennels are unique and they have many features that are not available elsewhere, these features make a big difference to the end result and will improve the lives for the dogs.

At our offices we have a small demonstrator kennel for prospective clients to come and see and then join us for a coffee to discuss your next kennel project.

In the last 12 months we have installed more commercial dog kennels than anyone else and we always leave the site only when our customers are 100% happy, this is what sets us apart from our competition. Don’t take our word for it take a look what our customers have to say in our kennel reviews.

Our system has fantastic thermal qualities, which mean your heating costs will be lower and it also means these kennels will be cooler in summer. This system has very good acoustic properties too which mean that your neighbours will be delighted.

We are the only insulated boarding kennel manufacturer using a material that has a fire rating which is such an important point to make.

Come and talk to us about your new insulated boarding kennels, kennel layouts and design, or your planning issues. We have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction and together we will help you to realise your new kennel dreams. We will guide you through this long process making sure that you don’t make expensive mistakes and this is a totally free service.

If you are considering a new kennel build then please get in touch on 01785 559555 or send an email to

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Tailored kennel or cattery designs to match your unique specification whilst meeting UK legislation.

Made to Measure. Built to Last.

Tested by structural engineers

We wanted to produce animal housing that really lasts so we have had our system tested structurally.

Withstands most extreme weather

Imagine the most extreme weather situation and ask yourself will your kennel or cattery survive this, heavy snowfall, gale-force winds, driving rain? Ours will.