Kennel Dividing Panels Made To Your Specification

We now manufacture kennel dividing panels for commercial dog kennels all of which exceed the new DEFRA boarding kennel guidelines.

We make these in house in our unit in rural Staffordshire and they are made either as a full dividing screen or they can be made with a mesh or galvanised top which mounts on the dividing wall. These panels prevent dogs from seeing each other and keep the dogs in each bay separate. They also protect the dogs from the elements particularly on the end elevations.

These are made completely bespokely to customers requirements and can be made as a supply only so our customers can fit them or our trained team will come and fit these to your concrete base at your kennels.

The kennel dividing panels are strong and fully structural and they are easy to clean, all manufactured to last and perform in a harsh kennel environment. Please get in touch with us if you are looking to install these in your dog kennels, we install them all over the UK.

We sell a comprehensive range of kennels specially designed for the commercial kennel market all designed to exceed the new licensing guidelines. If you would like to discuss our commercial dog kennels then please get in touch

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Tailored kennel or cattery designs to match your unique specification whilst meeting UK legislation.

Made to Measure. Built to Last.

Tested by structural engineers

We wanted to produce animal housing that really lasts so we have had our system tested structurally.

Withstands most extreme weather

Imagine the most extreme weather situation and ask yourself will your kennel or cattery survive this, heavy snowfall, gale-force winds, driving rain? Ours will.